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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Currently, I am the innocent victim, along with my friends, family and next-of-kin, of a money-making scam that could, and can happen to anyone, who uses the emailing and internet systems.

We are all led to believe that the companies offering their services are covering their asses (and ours) against fraudulent hijackers, but, alas, even with the great resources at their disposal they, too, become victims, as the smaller Madoff creeps find ways to trick their way to wealth.

These companies do their best, relying on us, the users, to do our best, to remember the do's and dont's of avoiding the pickle in which I find myself today. Stay tuned, as my story unfolds, as every effort is being made to thwart the creeps who are perpetrating this particular scam.

To Daryl and friends, I would love to reply to comments personally, but my ability to do so has been blocked!

Go to for something more poetic and pleasant than this!


  1. That cup sure looks angry. Good job getting the mood.

  2. I knew when that email arrived it was a scam .. do you even have a Yahoo account? Good thing you have smart friends!

  3. I'm a little confused about what happened? Your shot definitley gets the anger across. I'll have to check back here to finish the story. I'm very curious about what happened.
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  4. I've been wondering how you were faring! I actually phoned our Australian police to see if there might be some link to London, where the scam originated, so that someone could pounce on the site of the telephone number right there and then. They said they'd 'make a note of it' and 'see what they could do' but I doubt whether anything eventuated.There are such horrendous internet crimes that yours, Margaret, is, I hate to say, small fry! Keep us posted.

  5. Yes, this was very weird.
    I guessed that it started in England since they do not have the British pound sign on American computers.
    You must be very upset.
    This is awful.
    You probably have to change your email completely.
    Very upsetting. Poor you.

  6. This doesn't sound good and, like Heidi, I am a little confused on the particulars. I will also check back for more of the story.


  7. Margaret has asked me to apologise for her non-participation at the moment. Evidently she cannot get into her blog either! What a disaster!

  8. This is all very tantalising. Hope it gets sorted, whatever it is!


  9. Sorry to read that this has happened to you. Your RT photo seems very appropriate. I want a pan, exactly that color. ;-)


  10. How awful!
    I get so cross about this kind of thing.

  11. they do not have the British pound sign on American computers.

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  13. sorry you have to go through this experience.




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