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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Enlarge to see shadows within shadows...

The facade, that part of St. Ann's Church on 12th Street, that NYU and developers decided to keep, adorns the front of the 26 storey megadorm that will soon house 700 students.  

'God's Dorm', (April 16), as it has been dubbed, in Barry Popik's declamatory blogs is about the controversial project's developer Hudson Companies architecture.  (At the blog site, go to Search with that title and date).

A choice of shadows - I opted for the first one that neatly captured the green store front awning and planted urns and, unexpectedly, other shadows. 

*  Yes,  this is the same dorm on which I based my recent haiku - see Live Archives Titles at  side bar,  HAIKU FESTIVAL


  1. I am always so fascinated by any shots of New York, what cool shadows in shadows...have a great weekend!!!

  2. Nice! I especially like the shadows within the shadows concept!

  3. Love your shadows whatever you toke around NY. Always a nostalgic feelings.

    Cheers for the great share you show.

  4. 700 students! How do you feel about that? I love the shot showing the two shrubs grabbing a little sunlight while they can!

  5. The answer to that, dear Rinkly, is in my 'haiku' about the dorm, not too far back. Soon you should get a pretty good idea of what it is like to be ten floors up looking out of all the windows! Only, you will get it piece by piece, because I seem to be able to say more about it that way. Otherwise, a panoramic view is overwhelming, like a forest.

  6. I like the first one. It looks like a slice and then the pole within that slice; cool.

  7. I love that first one! Especially how the big bold shadows frame that sign post shadow. Super shadow shot! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Enjoy your Sunday :)

  8. Some fine NYC shadows. They bring back memories...

  9. I love the first one and then the side view of the church facade
    I wish old buildings were left alone, except for the ones that do need repair - seems those they do leave alone

  10. Yes, your shadows are dramatic and wonderful.
    You got an excellent response I see.



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